Workshop in Methods at Indiana Bloomington: Studying socioeconomic inequality from digital footprint networks

Tech + Democracy seminar at Birkbeck: Inequality and fairness with heterogeneous endowments

GOR’20 keynote: Studying social interactions and groups

CogX panel: What big data can teach us about ourselves

The Know Show podcast

SAGE Research Methods video: Measuring inequality in social groups

tbs eFM This Morning interview: A.I. patrolling Wikipedia
January 8, 2019

Interview for Researc/hers Code podcast
January 17, 2018

Interview for Women Data Leaders project
November 25, 2018

CSS Summer School lecture: Theory-driven social research with online experiments
July 25, 2017

IC2S2’07 keynote: Social science research with games and gamification
July 13, 2017

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